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Best described as having "the soul of a mermaid, the fire of a lioness, the heart of a hippie, and the mouth of a sailor." This free spirit blessed the earth on February 13th in Brooklyn, New York, and was raised deep in the heart of Texas. Adorned with the gift of rhythm, dance, and cooking from her Trinidadian mother, Tai fell in love with dance at a young age and journeyed through ballet, jazz, modern, character, and pointe classes in the studio to then leading alongside her fellow officers on the high school drill team, where she was the first and only African American on a starting team of 16 girls (new school, new team). Rounding out her dance life, she danced through 2 semesters of her undergraduate college career on a hip-hop-based dance crew. 


In college, Tai had her eyes set on becoming a traveling journalist, the perfect fusion of two things she enjoys. Next to dancing, writing was her voice, and traveling was the air she breathed. Tai found it easier to express herself through her way with words, which also led her to be able to relate to others easily (friends, family, and even strangers), be receptive, & understanding, and provide support and feedback effortlessly. A few years post graduating with her Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism and Communications, and an eye-opening internship experience in Melbourne, Australia, Tai realized that her true passion and purpose was through helping others therapeutically. 




Which opens the doors to 2 and 1/2 years of attending graduate school online, full time, and working two jobs...if you didn't know Tai has a strong work ethic that evolved into her being a bit of a workaholic and maintaining two jobs for about 2-4 years of her life. Hey, the young lady likes her money and she doesn't like to depend on anybody. Post receiving her Master of Arts degree in Counseling, testing, and the intrusion of COVID-19, fast forward to January 2022, where Tai took her seat as a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (LPCA), which is a long-term for soon-to-be fully-licensed Therapist after the completion of 3,000 hours of providing counseling. Tai was well on her way to completing her hours but decided in August 2022 to leave the money-focused mom-and-pop company she was working for and embark on the journey of a lifetime. Currently, Tai is traveling & making the most of her Tai time, as she is single, has no dependents, and has no worries.

Don't be fooled while she can be an exceptional extrovert with her patients and colleagues, outside of work Tai is an introverted home-body. You can catch her doing any and everything that relates to bringing her sensations of relaxation and peace. Tai spends her time post-work with friends, exploring new places, trying new activities and foods, reading, writing, or tuning into a good movie or series. Most of all, Tai enjoys expressing herself and spilling tea on the happenings of her life, right here on her blog with y-o-u. 

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