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Bon Voyage Texas

Updated: May 18

If you read my prior blog post, June & July: Lemonade Worthy Lemons? then I am pleased to tell you that we finally made it to the long-awaited post where I spill the tea on how I have been spending my pretty healed woman summer as well as what is coming up next!

Remainder of July

Here's a quick sip of the tea recapping the happenings of my life during the remainder of July. Earlier in the month, I got to be a part of my very first wedding as an adult & stood beside one of my friends as she got married. I spent one on one time with friends as well as met some new ones along the way. I worked between my two jobs, continued consistently working out three times a week, & spent the last week of the month very in tune with my solitude. So yea, July was pretty regular degular for me, nothing out of the ordinary.

Texas & Other Things

Now, onto the tea I am most excited to spill, the purpose behind the title of this post, Bon Voyage Texas. In the prior blog post (if you haven't already read it, I highly recommend you do) there was a point where I just wanted to run away from it all. There was also a point where I stopped running. Matter of fact, I walked myself into a new life-changing opportunity. Before I spill the deets on the opportunity, I want to share what my experience has been like living in Texas.

Texas has been the place I have theoretically called “home” for 24 years. Although I moved here when I was 5 years old, I need you all to know, that I will always be a New Yorker! Don't let the southern slang & occasional “southern hospitality” fool you lol. Texas has given me an array of lessons & blessings in the form of friendships, some that remain afloat in my story today & some whom have sailed on. Texas has given me a rainbow resume of jobs, a palette full of brunch, lunch, & dinner spots, as well as some unique experiences that you can only have deep in the heart of Texas. As far as relationships go, like Drake, I can now say that all my exes live in Texas lol! With the many lessons & blessings I have had throughout my time here, something Texas never gave me was the solid foundation I always prayed, hoped, & worked to have here. No matter how hard I tried, I kept getting no’s in all the areas I hoped for a win. But hey, a no to me is like a yes on layaway so I accepted the nos.

Want to know something that did come to me unexpectedly? The opportunity to have a working holiday experience in New Zealand. I’ve always had intentions to visit but didn’t seek or search for New Zealand. When I wanted to run away from everything, I went searching for my way back to Australia for a break & New Zealand had an invitation for me instead. I couldn't get a second working holiday VISA in Australia without meeting certain requirements, but I was a shoo-in for New Zealand. The VISA application process was cheap, & quick, & everything else preparation-wise has come together just as seamlessly.

August, September & Onward

This isn’t my first time traveling halfway across the world, but this is my first time taking such a huge leap of faith into doing something that I have always dreamed of doing, living my life independently somewhere overseas. Now is my time to do just that. I'm single, with no dependents of any kind, & no loose ends left to tie, all I have to do is get on the plane & fly into the next chapter of my story. Am I scared? I am scared as hell & equally as nervous as my time here in Texas is coming to a close. But when an opportunity is calling my name, I can't ignore it, I have to go towards it.

August is my last month here in Texas & the United States. I cannot yet pinpoint how long at this time, but I have been ensuring that I make the most of my time while I am here & spend as much one-on-one time with close friends & immediate family as possible. Because if it's one thing the black lives matter movement, pandemic, loose gun laws, shootings, politics, & being a mental health counselor have taught me, LIFE IF SHORT & TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE so treat them both with the respect they deserve. To do so I ensure that I create a list of intentions to fulfill throughout each day. I make time for those who make time for me. I make time to sit in my solitude. I make time for work & play. I try my darndest to be present in each in every moment that I am given because this time I have now is never coming back to me so it's only wise for me to make the absolute most of it. That's what August has been about for me, intentionality with my time before I leave.

I have been in a season of change from the tippy top of this year. I entered a new career as a mental health counselor in January. I lost some familial relationships & friendships & gained some new ones. I got to be a part of monumental moments in others' lives. I tapped into my creative energy & stopped sleeping on myself with the creation of my new blog & fashion hauls with my eclectic wardrobe. I became more independent in many ways. I lost & found myself a few times. And now, as my season of change continues, it is time for this butterfly to spread her wings, fly & continue to evolve.

Disclaimer; by no means, do I have the idea or expectation that the grass will be greener on the other side of the world, but I do know that my time in New Zealand will allow me to meet more people, have more experiences, indulge myself in new cultures, learn more lessons, gain more blessings, & grow in new ways. Come September 1st, it’s Tai Time. Wish me luck as I officially embark on my journey to New Zealand. I look forward to documenting my journey via my blog & Instagram, stay tuned for the tea that's brewing!

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