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Slow Mo

This past weekend, May 13th-May 15th, was such a blessed and beautiful weekend. Why? Well, it taught me the art of going with the flow and revealed the rewards that come with it. If you read my prior post, "Is It Just Me?" this weekend was originally planned as my trip to Cali, but it turned out so much better than I could have imagined.

Fri-yay, I usually always have something scheduled in my planner but since I decided to work the full day, there was nothing on the agenda for the evening. I got off work at about 2:45 PM, made it home, undressed from the day, showered, lounged around, made some popcorn, and hit the movie room for the rest of the night.

Saturday, I slept in like a baby until 1:00 PM when I got a knock on the door to check and see if I was alive. It's funny, on the weekends it's rare that I sleep in or am present at home for too long because I usually make my appointments at the top of the morning so I can get them out of the way and I usually have something planned with someone. No appointments and no get-togethers planned until the evening so, I started my laundry. In the midst of doing my laundry, spontaneity hit me up with intention of chillin'. So I finished my laundry, got ready, and went with it. After all, I had time before game night, which started at 5:00 PM so I figured, why not.

I can't tell you'll why I had so much fun (I really can't, some things deserve to be kept private), but it was definitely one of those times where you are so in tune with what's going on that you forget to pull your phone out to capture the moment. I had so much fun that I ended up being pretty late to game night. Nonetheless, I made it at a decent time to play some games and enjoy the company of some of my core friends. Postgame night, I was pretty beat, especially because my 45-minute commute home just dragged,

Sunday Funday, I got the privilege to sleep in again! Two days in a row is a major record for me! I'm the functioning insomniac who works, plays, and does not sleep nearly as much as I should or need to, so this was huge. After giving my bed the attention and quality time she deserved, I took the time to whip up a filling breakfast for myself, seasoned scrambled eggs, peppered pork bacon, fried turkey pastrami, and a mimosa to cleanse my pallet.

Post kitchen clean-up, spontaneity hit me up again, this time for some fun in the sun. I, on a roll with this whole, go with the flow train for the weekend, got ready, slipped on a bikini, and headed out. With this Texas heat coming down heavy on a Saturday afternoon, I got all the pool time I needed and just enough chill time to accompany it. Spent most of my afternoon vibing in the best ways with my friend before I headed home for a shower and much-needed rest.

Those who know me, are aware that I am glued to my planner like it's a body part, and understand how great this weekend actually was for me. Not having to wake up at 6:00 AM for work, go to both of my jobs during the week or weekend, or wake up early for any appointments is a blessing and a privilege that I often overlook. It's a rare gift for me to receive or give to myself. Having time to make breakfast for me is something I consider a rare treat. I truly enjoy cooking and baking but due to some recent lifestyle changes, I have not been able to whip in the kitchen as often as I would like.

Going with the flow and not making concrete plans was really nice because it opened up my day to so many more possibilities. In comparison to a heavily scheduled day, where I am going from one thing to the next non-stop, going with the flow didn't leave me feeling drained. I was able to be present in each and every moment and truly enjoy myself. Hell! The weekend which usually feels more like a 30-minute lunch break felt like an actual end of the week. For once, the days didn't blur together and I could differentiate what happened from day to day.

I have a newfound respect for my friends who say, "Man you're going to hate me because I don't plan, I'm spontaneous, I go with the flow." Actually, I don't hate you at all. Now that I have a better understanding I also have a greater appreciation for the manner in which you go about living your life. I am still and will forever be an itinerary and planner kinda-gal, but I'm learning that not everything has to be scheduled, some things are better left unplanned, and that some of the best experiences and people you meet in life happen spontaneously.

Going with the flow this past weekend enabled me to do something that I have a really hard time doing, relaxing. I was so relaxed and at ease knowing that I didn't have to prep or prepare for anything. It allowed me to be present in each and every moment I was given. I could care less about where my phone was and about anything going on other than what I was doing at the moment. That, to me, is truly living. Not everything has to be recorded or captured for the sake of getting some kind of gratification from friends and strangers on social media, some things are best kept to yourself, for your enjoyment, for your personal fulfillment.

And that is what this weekend was for me. A moment to slow down and take in all that is around me. A moment to be still. A moment to be silent. A moment to breathe. A moment to be in the state of ultimate peace and relaxation. A moment to take it one thing at a time. A moment to take things slow. A moment to embrace the unknown. A moment to be fulfilled in ways I didn't know I needed or could be fulfilled. Nothing wrong with not always doing something, we all need slow moments in life to bring us back to sanity and the reality that the best things in life are not rushed but come to fruition slowly, surely, and with certainty. My goal is to live a softer, relaxing, peace-filled life, and I think I found the key to getting there, embracing the unplanned and spontaneity life brings and moving in slow mo with the flow.

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